Purim Party 2018 – Around The Corner

Next weekend – Sunday March 4th – is our annual Purim Party.


We’ll be heading over to Club Fox in Redwood City to party for the Jewish Halloween.

Don’t forget – this is a costume party – so get your groove gear on and see if you can win one of our prizes for best costume.

This year we are doing a battle of the band theme, featuring songs from the most popular Israeli rock bands over the past 30 years.

Don’t miss out.


The Mashina Project Returns Dec 10th

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 8.28.02 PM

These are some of the reviews our Mashina Project show got after the performance we did during Sukkot 2017. But some people missed that show and have been asking us for a re-run. We are now happy to announce that we’ll be bringing this fun show to Los Gatos.

Join us on Sunday December 10th 2017 at Charley’s LG for a fun night with the songs of Israel’s long lasting favorite band – Mashina / משינה.

If you are still not convince you should come here is a short clip from our last show.



Purim 2017 – Here We Go!

We are back in action for our 8th annual Peatot Purim Party.

Mark the date – March 11th 2017 at 8:30pm

Get your tickets at – http://purim17.brownpapertickets.com

This year we are moving to a bigger location to accommodate more people – The Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company in San Carlos.

With a great selection of craft beers, and a big area to host all the dancing people – it is going to be a blast.

Don’t forget to wear your costumes – you might win some prizes!


7th Annual Peatot Purim Party

Get your costumes ready!

We are happy to announce that we’ll be back at Club Fox in Redwood City for our eight annual Purim Party – the best Purim party in the bay area.

This time our theme is 90’s rock (and a bit of 80’s rock as well). Come and join us for an evening of music from such bands as Dr Kasper Rabbit Show, Where is the Kid, Monica Sex, Mashina, FortisSacharof, Natasha’s Friends and many others.

Saturday, March 26th at 8:30pm at Club Fox Redwood City.

Live Israeli rock , DJ, Costume competition and special musical guests.

LA here we come!

Over the years we’ve performed all across the USA including shows in Cleveland, Portland and Las Vegas. But one place that we always wanted to visit was Los Angeles – one of the main hubs for Israelis in the US – and now we finally have a chance to be there.

Don’t miss our upcoming LA show – brought to you by the Mati Center – come and experience a true Israeli dance party.

The Peatot in LA

We’ll Meet Again – A Musical Tribute to Arik Einstein

Arik Einstein is regarded as the most popular, and the most influential Israeli artist of all time.
With a career that span over 5 decades, and through his collaborations with many leading Israeli musicians, Arik Einstein has shaped the soundtrack of the Israeli experience.

We’ll Meet Again (עוד ניפגש) is a special musical tribute to Arik Einstein which features over 20 of his most loved songs from various stages of his career.
Performed by The Peatot, the SF bay area long running Israeli music cover band, the evening features songs in both the original arrangements as well as unique new interpretations.
Two hours of music in styles that span from 60’s rock, through Brazilian and greek influences, to modern rock and sentimental ballads.

Accompanied by Hebrew presentation and narration. as well as an online English program, that provides context to the music, this evening is a perfect way to celebrate the musical heritage of Arik Einstein.

Here are some clips from past performances of the show:

The Arik Einstein Project is Back!

In September we performed a tribute show to Arik Einstein, and we were overwhelmed with positive feedback from people who just loved this show.
We loved it too – the music of Arik connects us to our Israeli roots and to remind us of home like no other artist can do.

Over the past couple of months people kept asking us if there will be another performance of this special evening, and we are happy to announce that we have one more show coming.

Join us on Tuesday December 9th at the Rooster T Feathers club in mountain view.
This is an intimate club that will be a perfect fit for the atmosphere that this show has.

So if you missed our previous show – here is your chance to catch it!
If you were at the previous show, we would love to see you again.

Get your discounted ticket in advance at http://arik.brownpapertickets.com

See you soon.