The Best Israeli-Music Party Band in the SF Bay Area


The Peatot – להקת הפיתות


Upcoming Show – The Peatot Purim Party 2017 – March 11th, 2017 – Info

The Peatot plays tribute to Israeli music from the past 4 decades. Delivering a unique, exciting and uplifting celebration of the music that we love.The Peatot performed in the San Francisco bay area and across the USA, delivering a true Israeli party experience.The Peatot members are:

  • Yoram Zarfaty – Vocals
  • Raviv Moore – Guitar
  • Guy L – Keyboard
  • Tomer Dichterman – Drums
  • Shay Shmeltzer – Bass
  • Peatot’s Live Sound Engineering – Tomer Hagay

*Honorary past members/founders –
Amit Ashman and Ofir Zwebner

For further information about the band you can contact us at :

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